I Did It, Series 2023 next event:

Duathlon Race

Date: Sat 19 Aug 2023

More Info:

Participants Forecast: 120kids
Price Charge: THB650
Race Categories (Individual):
– 8-9Y / Bike 3K.-Run800M
– 10-11Y / Bike 5K.-Run1.2K.
– 12-13Y / Bike 5K.-Run1.5K.
– 14-15Y / 10K Bike 10K.-Run3K.
– 16-17Y / 10K Bike 10K.-Run3K.

Bike & RUN (Use remain the same rule and regulation of Running & Biking)
A Duathlon is a competition that is composed of running and biking. The usual format for a Duathlon is run-bike-run, meaning you start with a run, then transition to the bike, then transition back to running again. Your time starts when you start the race, and finishes when you cross the finish line.

Swim Race

Date: Sat 16 September 2023

More Info:

Participants Forecast: 80kids
Price Charge: THB650
Race Categories (Individual):
– 5-9Y – 100M 
– 10-11Y – 200M 
– 12-13Y – 300M 
– 14-15Y – 400M 
– 16-17Y – 400M

*Athletes will receive a swim card, with their bib number, start time and start sequence details, in the race pack. Please take this card to the Lagoon swimming pool for check-in.
*Athletes must check-in at the swim start 15 minutes before your assigned swim start time.
*Athletes line up around the pool with a 1.50m distance prior to their start.

*Face masks can be dropped in a bin at the swim start.

*Athletes must keep count of the laps themselves.

*Any overtaking must be done safely.

Aquathlon Race

Date: Sat 14 October 2023

More Info:

Participants Forecast: 300kids
Price Charge: THB850
Race Categories (Individual + Team Relay):

– U12 F (Swim300M/Run1.5K)
– U13-15 M (Swim300M/Run1.5K)
– U13-15 F (Swim300M/Run1.5K)
– 16-29 M (Swim600M/Run3K) & (Swim1.2K/Run6K)
– 16-29 F (Swim600M/Run3K) & (Swim1.2K/Run6K)
– 30-39 M (Swim600M/Run3K) & (Swim1.2K/Run6K)
– 30-39 F (Swim600M/Run3K) & (Swim1.2K/Run6K)
– 40-49 M (Swim600M/Run3K) & (Swim1.2K/Run6K)
– 40-49 F (Swim600M/Run3K) & (Swim1.2K/Run6K)
– 50+ M (Swim600M/Run3K)(Swim600M/Run3K) & – —- (Swim1.2K/Run6K) 50+ F (Swim600M/Run3K) & (Swim1.2K/Run6K)
– Team Relay (Swim1.2K/Run6K)
*Remain the same rule & regulations from BT Aquathlon Y2022

Phoenix Triathlon Race Blue Tree

Phoenix Triathlon Race

Date: Sat 18 November 2023

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Participants Forecast: 
Price Charge: 
Race Categories (Individual):