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Act-On’s SMS Marketing Platform Allows You To Improve Customer Communication With Text Message Marketing On Any Device — Driving New Sales, Better Adoption, Repeat Business, And Customer Loyalty.

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When your message absolutely must get through, nothing beats SMS marketing. With a 95% open rate, text message marketing is a must-have for marketers of all skill sets and experience levels — and businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries. With Act-On’s SMS marketing platform, you can send targeted mobile marketing messages and notifications when, where, and to whom it really matters.

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Behavioral segmentation is the process of breaking down prospects and customers into specific groups based on their digital interactions. By using Act-On to gather, identify, and analyze behavioral segmentation data such as webpage visits, social media engagements, and email and SMS opens and click-throughs, you can crystalize personas, improve scoring models, and deliver personalized digital marketing programs.

Mobile Marketing

SMS Marketing

Demographic segmentation helps you drill down to the individual profile level with buyer attributes such as age, gender, education, and income. Demographic segmentation delivered through Act-On leads to more empathetic marketing, which helps you build and strengthen brand loyalty while iterating and improving your marketing programs.

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Successful marketers are always seeking alternative ways to support, energize, and expand their customer base through increased engagement, renewals, and advocacy. With mobile marketing, every marketer can explore and leverage a largely undiscovered communications frontier. Our fully integrated text message marketing solution enables customers to seamlessly implement SMS communications into their automated workflows and multi-touch campaigns that align with their omnichannel strategies.

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Not only is SMS marketing convenient, timely, and efficient — it’s also applicable and effective at every stage of the customer lifecycle. You can utilize mobile marketing to attract new prospects with exciting promotions, nurture existing leads with relevant educational resources and product recommendations, and delight your existing customers with information about upcoming releases. SMS marketing even enables you to send follow-up surveys, games, and sweepstakes to extend the customer journey!

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