Welcome to Our Kids Adventure Playground in Phuket

Bring your child to discover fun, friendship, and new experiences at our indoor and outdoor playground in Phuket created just for the little ones, aged 1.5 to 6 years. Our professional and friendly staff will provide attentive care and a stimulating atmosphere where your kids will be happy to explore the various play areas. Here, at our kids center and play area in Phuket, we believe in the principle of play as the foundation of childhood development.

At Kids Planet in Phuket, our professional and friendly staff will provide kids with attentive care and a stimulating children’s playground atmosphere where they’ll be happy and enjoy various play areas. Here, we believe in the principle of play as the foundation of childhood development.

We provide facilities and activities that will enable children to develop their skills in a positive environment in our supervised kids club in Phuket. We take extra care to adhere to an appropriate staff-to-child ratio with a focus on cleanliness and safety, so parents can rest assured their little ones are in good hands.

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Little Lady Bug Room

Step into our Phuket play space wonderland for kids aged 18 months to 3 years. The high ceilings are painted with blue skies and adorned with clouds to create an atmosphere close to nature. The soft flooring provides a safe and pleasant area where they can free play, climb, build, listen to stories, and more. All activities are chosen to support development and encourage independence for younger children. There’s also a quiet and comfortable room where they can nap and recharge!

Big Bear Room

For children 3 to 6 years of age, our Big Bear Room takes learning a step further with various play areas spread over two floors of our kids play space in Phuket. It’s the perfect space to have fun while developing social and motor skills to stay active and grow up to be healthy and strong! A specially designed climbing net above the first floor allows kids to explore, crawl, climb, jump, or just sit and read. All activities are designed to encourage interaction with others while stimulating the imagination with arts and crafts, role-playing, reading and more.

Sand Garden

Located right in the center of our Kids Planet adventure playground in Phuket, the Sand Garden is an open space for Little Lady Bugs and Big Bears alike with blue skies above, trees providing shade, a sand play zone, and elevated water ways for water play. Kids won’t be able to resist jumping in to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to let their imaginations run wild and their creativity flourish.

Happy Squirrel Garden

Serving as an outdoor play area of Kids Planet for older kids from the Big Bear Room, the Happy Squirrel Garden is where the kids can get a little closer to nature and keep physically and mentally active. The various areas for fun activities including a mud kitchen, mini wooden house, climbing areas, a water play area with a sculpted water table with elevated waterways, an outdoor music corner with a giant xylophone, and other percussion play instruments, a sensory path, and more! It’s a place that’ll keep children stimulated and active while helping them develop their imaginations and creativity. Our Kids Club in Phuket with professional nannies is set up like a babysitting service so adults and kids can both enjoy themselves.