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Act-On AI Create

Accelerate your content creation with the Act-On AI Create marketing tool. Use OpenAI generative content creation, built into your marketing automation creative workflow. End writer’s block and accelerate efforts to ideate, create, and perfect the most compelling and engaging email content and subject lines without leaving the Act-On platform.  Currently available in our email composer and soon coming to other areas of the platform.

Act-On AI Predictive Lead Score

Improve marketing outcomes by identifying the highest probability leads. Save time and stop guessing by using Act-On’s AI Predictive Lead Score in your lead scoring systems and segmentation. Leverage our proprietary machine-learning (ML) models to help identify leads with the highest probability of becoming “closed won” customers. Prioritize sales efforts by focusing on the leads and accounts most likely to convert and increase your revenue.

Act-On AI-Powered Analytics

Experience the future of analytics for marketers, with our artificial intelligence-driven analytics platform. Get fast answers to specific questions with natural language search powered by AI. Explore your data through everyday language and create insightful, polished reports. Discover answers to your questions, even unexpected ones with our user-friendly, AI-driven analytics platform.

Act-On AI Audience Insights

Coming Soon

Segmenting potential customers by behavioral data such as email opens, content preferences, and engagement metrics is crucial to the success of digital marketing organizations. But this work can be time-consuming and inefficient. Act-On is bringing the power of machine learning to your segmentation, with Act-On AI Audience Insights, a new way to find unique audience segments and bring more intelligence to your marketing.

Act-On AI

These AI innovations are a central part of Act-On’s ongoing multi-year plan to deliver AI marketing tools that enhance marketing effectiveness and drive exponential efficiency for marketers. Our focus remains on helping you achieve your marketing goals and streamline your processes.

We’re very excited about all of Act-On’s new AI capabilities rolling out. Our team plans to utilize the Predictive Lead Score to impact new and existing engagement strategies. It allows us yet another segmentation opportunity to assure we are communicating the right message at the right time with our prospective customers.

Brian Evancho

Schneider Downs

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